The University of South Florida ends its
Blackboard Agreement as of January 2, 2014.
Blackboard as the University's Learning Management System will be closed and all servers shut down.

Faculty, staff and students will no longer be able to access Blackboard after January 2, 2014.

Here are some directives for content residing in Blackboard.

Faculty & Administrators:

- Check with Department Chairs for guidance on department retention policies for grades and content

- If you are teaching courses using Blackboard for Fall 2013, pay special attention to retention and academic grievance policies of the University.

- Also important to note that special considerations must be placed for students with incomplete grades who have an extended period of time to complete their courses and will continue to need access to course materials.

- It is the faculty's responsibility to consider outliers to their course situations and seek assistance/information on how content can be captured and retained before Blackboard is shut down.

Related USF Policy Resources:

- USF Academic Grievance Policy

- USF Diversity and Equal Opportunity: Discrimination and Harassment

- GS5 Record Retention Schedule for State of Florida

- USF General Counsel Office 813-974-2131

Checklist/Guide for Blackboard Users:

Academic Course Sites and Development Course Sites
What to look for: How to save:
Course Materials, Presentations, Documents, Images [Extract Content and Images]
[Extract Documents and Multimedia]
Multimedia files such as videos and audio [Extract Documents and Multimedia]
Elluminate Recordings [Export Elluminate Recordings]
Elluminate will no longer be available after Dec 30, 2013. Collaborate is the new synchronous tool available within all Canvas course sites.
Course assessments (quizzes, test pools) and Surveys [Export Tests and Surveys]
Grade records i.e. gradebook (grades, quiz results and/or statistics) [Download Grade Center]
[Export Quiz Results]
Student Interactions such as discussion boards, group work, etc. [Download Discussion Posts]
Student Assignments such as Journal/Wiki postings, papers, etc. [Extract Content and Images]
[Extracting Multimedia and Documents]
[Download Graded Assignment File Submissions]
Bb Organizations
What to look for: How to save:
Organization content, meeting minutes, documents and other files shared with your organization members [Extract Content and Images]
[Extract Documents and Multimedia]
Reassess if you can move the content into a Canvas course site if Organization is still active. All orgs that were requested in Blackboard have been recreated in Canvas. The original requestor of the Blackboard org is the default owner of the Canvas org. Please direct Org questions to
Bb Content Collection
What to look for: How to save:
Digital files saved in your account. [Export Content Collection Files & Folders]
Student ePortfolio
What to look for: How to save:
Links to Resources [Extract Content and Images]
[Extract Documents and Multimedia]